Palm Sugar Wholesale Supplier Manufacturer in Poland

Organic palm sugar is one of the high-quality products we offer. We are always committed to maintaining customer satisfaction by maintaining the quality standards of coconut sugar products. One of the ways that we implement is to keep the supply chain running consistently.

In addition, the sales of coconut sugar products that we do prioritize the values ​​of quality, commitment, and sustainability. We are also actively involved in collaborating with thousands of farmers and are supported by the best technology. Our company also uses an internal control system as part of our commitment to maintaining a quality system for organic products, one of which is the coconut sugar product that we offer.

Palm Sugar Wholesale Supplier Manufacturer in Poland

Organic Palm Sugar Wholesale Supplier in Poland

The coconut palm sugar products that we offer have many benefits. As we know that coconut sugar is considered healthier when compared to sugar or other cane sugar. Coconut sugar is made from coconut sap from the coconut tree which is obtained by extracting coconut flowers and collecting them in containers.

This liquid sap is then heated with fire until most of the water evaporates and turns thick. Although the method of processing is simple, our coconut sugar products are of very high quality and have obtained international standard certificates such as USDA organic, EU organic, HACCP, and MUI. Our products have been sold in many big countries, one of them in Poland.

You can get coconut sugar by contacting customer service on the PT Indo Export Nusantara - Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Wholesale Supplier

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