What You Have Know : Coconut Sugar VS Brown Sugar

What You Have Know : Coconut Sugar VS Brown Sugar

Coconut sugar and brown sugar are both popular in baking and look a lot alike. It’s hard to tell the difference visually. So, how do we recognize them? Let's find it out...

What You Have Know Coconut Sugar VS Brown Sugar
What You Have Know Coconut Sugar VS Brown Sugar

By How They Are Made Of

The biggest difference between coconut sugar and brown sugar is how and what they’re made of. Coconut sugar is made from the nectar or sap of coconut palm tree flowers, whereas brown sugar is made from either cane sugar or sugar beets, just like white sugar.

Many common brown sugars are simply white refined sugar with molasses added back in. It’s just as processed as white sugar, and is made through the same process, with one simple extra step. You can find unrefined brown sugar which has never had the molasses removed in the first place, and is the most natural of brown sugars. You can also find partially refined brown sugar which has had some of the molasses removed and is the middle ground between reconstituted and unrefined brown sugar. Unless explicitly stated on the package, it’s safe to assume brown sugar has been reconstituted and is just as refined as white sugar. Molasses cuts the sweetness and adds a smoky flavor but doesn’t change the foundational ingredient, which is white sugar.

By The Glycemic Index

Coconut sugar became wildly popular because it’s lower on the Glycemic Index than conventional white sugar, so many people turn to it as a healthier solution. Coconut sugar isn’t made from the meat, water, or milk of a coconut, as many people may assume. It’s actually made from the sap of coconut palm flowers. The coconut sap is simply heated until all the liquid evaporates. Coconut sugar is very lightly processed, especially in comparison to white or brown sugar. Most people know that white sugar is highly processed and unhealthy. 

Where the biggest nutritional difference occurs is in the glycemic index (GI), and this is primarily why coconut sugar has become so popular in recent years. Brown sugar has a glycemic index of 64, which is considered as high. While coconut sugar has a low GI of 35. This means that consuming the same amount of sugar will trigger a much-reduced response from your metabolic system (if you eat coconut sugar), helping you keep your blood sugar balanced more effectively.


And now you know the difference between Coconut Sugar and Brown Sugar. So, what do you think? Coconut Sugar VS Brown Sugar, which one the best? Well, if you looking for a better kind of sugar for healthy reason, then coconut sugar is the answer.

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