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Ensuring the best organic coconut sugar creation process is our commitment for client’s expectation because we have three values in our company:
high quality coconut sugar


We provide the best product, services, and certification
The leading supplier of coconut sugar Indonesia


If you are looking for the commitment partner, we can the one that you can trust based on client satisfaction.


We support for society collaboration to enpowering our farmers, government, and other communities)
Who We Are.

PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara

PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara is one of The Largest and Leading High Quality Organic Coconut Sugar Producers Supplier and Manufacturer in Indonesia with certified USDA Organic, Organic EU, HACCP and Halal.

We directly collaborated with our farmers on daily basis to create the highest quality coconut sugar This control of the supply chain means we can consistently maintain our high quality standard while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

This dedication deliver the best quality products expected by our customers. Supported by more than 1500 farmers and best technology, our company commits for customers’s satisfaction. We produce coconut palm sugar, arenga palm sugar, and liquid palm sugar.

Product Process

We produce organic coconut sugar in traditional ways, with international standards. It starts with harvesting or “tapping” the flower bud stem of a coconut tree. Farmers make a cut on the spadix and the sap starts to flow from the cut into bamboo containers.

Product Benefit

Lets take your healthy lifestyle with organic coconut sugar. We provides your nutrient, especially for diabetics and it holds trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. Coconut sugar is still considered a better choice if you’re looking for an alternative sweetener or granulated sugar substitute.








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If you have a special request or specific needs according to the product, we are ready to working on it and to connecting your needs between islands even country..

Our Packaging

Bulk Packaging

We are ready for bulk packaging in 20-25 kg packing, Carton Box or Paper sack.

Retail Packaging

Organic coconut sugar has been increasing in popularity for health and life style our customers. Shares your needs and vision

Private Label Packaging

We support for We embrace global entrepreneurs in the world for making their own brands. Please share your business needs to us.

Indo Coconut Sugar

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Our product have a high quality standard from 1st coconut sugar production country in the world.
Our organic is a matter of trust.
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