Easy DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub Homemade

This Coconut Sugar Scrub is pure heaven!  No chemicals, no fragrances, nothing that isn’t natural.  Just sugar and pure coconut oil.  It smells incredible! Coconut sugar has a perfect size of sugar granules and does the best job at exfoliating. This sugar also is the least processed of other types of sugar, so it contains more essential minerals.
how to make homemade coconut sugar scrub

How to make homemade coconut sugar scrub

You just need two ingredients with a 2:1 ratio of coconut sugar and coconut oil (or any kind of oil that you prefer). So, for this one,
  • you can make from ½ a cup of coconut sugar and ¼ a cup of coconut oil.
  • Mix the two together completely in a bowl,
  • then put into a container lid.
It’s ready to be used! Rub your hands and feet with this Coconut Sugar Scrub, rinse and dry. They will feel nice and soft, also brighter as the dead skin cells are scrubbed.Indo Coconut Sugar - Organic Coconut Sugar Producers in Indonesia
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