Can Babies Have Coconut Sugar? Safe Sweeteners For Babies

As a parent, we surely want to know deeply about what our little ones eat. But sometimes it gets confusing which one is right and which are not. A lot have been wondering what’s healthy, can they eat this or that. But as time goes by, we want to introduce taste to them with a variety of food so that they’ll discover new things.Can Babies Have Coconut Sugar Safe Sweeteners For Babies

Safe sweeteners for babies

In this article we will be discussing sugar for babies. Once the baby completes a year we can slowly introduce sugar in their diet. White sugar or your usual table sugar is calorie dense and empty of nutrients, moreover it goes with a lot of processing and chemicals added to it.  You can use healthier alternatives such as coconut sugar to introduce a sweet taste for your baby.

What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is a sugar that is produced from the flower stems of the coconut palm tree, mainly from Southeast Asian countries. It is light brown and sometimes you can find it in granulated form. Farmers extract the sap from the coconut tree and reduce it. That’s about the only processing that goes into making coconut sugar!


That’s why coconut sugar is considered a raw food. The brown color is it’s natural color that occurs because of caramelization of the sap during the reduction process. This gives it a slight caramel taste, along with a hint of earthy and nuttiness. As the making of coconut sugar does not involve any processing nor any additives the taste of coconut sugar totally depends on the species of coconut used and where it is harvested.Is coconut sugar good for babies

Is coconut sugar good for babies?

There are many benefits of substituting coconut sugar in your baby’s diet. Babies get the added benefits of the various micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber in coconut sugar. The fiber could be related to why coconut sugar is proven to have a low glycemic index which means it won’t spike the blood sugar level caused by slowed down sugar absorption in our body.


Even more, they won’t get the added preservatives and additives from white sugar. Also, babies will get acquainted with the more natural flavor of coconut sugar. You’ll require less quantity than white sugar, which means a healthier dish for your childCoconut sugar gives a beautiful flavor to dishes, besides sweetening them. You’ll find that you don’t need to use as much as you would have to use with white sugar. However, please remember that while coconut sugar is certainly healthier than white sugar, it is still high in calories. By using it sensibly in your dishes, you’ll find that your little one soon develops a taste for it and won’t crave things that are high in white sugar.

Is it OK to give sugar to babies?

In conclusion, while coconut sugar has many more benefits than white sugar, it is still a kind of sugar and high in calories, so use it in moderation and sparingly. Due to this reason, coconut sugar is recommended for babies over the age of one. Once your little one is past her first birthday, you can use coconut sugar in place of white sugar. In addition, when buying coconut sugar, be sure of getting a brand that is made from high quality coconut sap. One way of doing this is to buy organic coconut sugar, so you can be assured that the trees were cultivated without any pesticides or chemicals whatsoever.Indo Coconut Sugar - Coconut sugar bulk wholesale manufacturers Indonesia
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