The event of Indonesia-Pakistan virtual trade expo was held on 5-9 April 2021 and organized by the collaboration of Pakistan Ecommerce Gateway with the Indonesia embassy in Islamabad. The event focused on the B2B virtual and trade meeting and growing the product diversity of Indonesian export to Pakistan. The event had organized in a hybrid scenario, with the buyer in a certain place and viewing the product, while the exporter lives in virtual due to pandemic adaptation. PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara (PT. IEN) was one of 10 companies from Indonesia that participated and displayed the best products or services in multiple sectors, PT. IEN focused on introducing organic coconut sugar and butterfly pea flower as the main products to visitors or buyers.

Why Should We Become Your Choise

According to multiple reports, Indonesia-Pakistan Virtual Trade Expo 2021 was attended by 50 potential buyers from Pakistan and targeted total potential transactions around Rp. 70 million. The virtual meeting had a common goal to assist the Indonesian exporters to market their products in Pakistan's domestic market. PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara as the bulk supplier of coconut sugar and butterfly pea flower had an opportunity to promote and sell the products at the event to various partners in Pakistan that had a partnership in trade with the Indonesian embassy.  At the same time, PT. IEN products were available in various countries’ markets and ready to sell worldwide. 


Ministry of Freign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia - Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad Holds 2021 Virtual Trade Expo to Increase Indonesian Exports.

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