PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara in Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2021

PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara in Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2021

Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) is the biggest B2B forum held by the Indonesian government for growing the export market insight and domestic product promotional events. The event had a theme “Reviving Global Trade” which concentrated on international exhibitions for trade, tourism, and investment. TEI 2021 was held on 21 October until 4 November 2021 and different from the past event due to pandemic adaptation, the event adapted to be TEI-DE 2021 or known in the digital edition (online/virtual). PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara (PT. IEN) was one of 834 participants or exhibitors who displayed the best products or services in multiple sectors, PT. IEN focused on introducing organic coconut sugar and butterfly pea flower as the main products to visitors or buyers from all over the world. 

Why You Should Choose PT.Indo Ekspor Nusantara

According to the information from The Indonesian Ministry of Trade press releases, TEI-DE in 2021 targeted total transactions at USD 1,5 million. The event also registered 2.959 buyers from 105 countries with the main interest in ingredients and spices, coffee, tea and cocoa, and textile products. PT. Indo Ekspor Nusantara as the bulk supplier of coconut sugar and butterfly pea flower had an opportunity to promote and sell the products in TEI-DE 2021 to various partners or countries that had a partnership in trade with the Indonesian embassy.  At the same time, PT. IEN products were available in various countries’ markets and ready to sell worldwide. 


Siaran Pers Kemendag - Gelar Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) ke-36 Digital Edition, Mendag Targetkan Nilai Transaksi Rp21,1 triliun.

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