Increasing Coconut Sugar Product Quality with ICS

Increasing Coconut Sugar Product Quality with ICS

www.indococonutsugar.com is one of the exporter company who doing exporting organics products from INdonesia. One of our comodity that has so many animos in the international market is Ant Sugar or more wellknown as Coconut Sugar. The www.indococonutsugar.com’s Coconut Sugar Processing can be happened with the teamwork within the contribution of the local farmer. This cooperation beetween www.indococonutsugar.com and the local Coconut Sugar Farmer as the main export comodity, become an important thing in maintaining and Increasing Coconut Sugar quality of product, so that we make the system that can maintaining our product so it is has a good and guaranteed standard for the international market. This system, we called Internal Control System (ICS).

Increasing Coconut Sugar Product Quality with ICS

Our System Goals

With the cooperation with less and more 1.500 local farmers, who lived in Special Region Yogyakarta (DIY) and also Central Java, the implementation of ICS and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are 2 major program that www.indococonutsugar.com do, to resulting of 2 major output,  which are to produce the Highest Standard products to sell in the International market, and also, to make sure the increasment of farmers wealth and good life. The implementation of ICS provide quality assurance empowerment from upstream to downstream, accompaniment (counseling), and also a good teamwork with the farmers, to increase the potency and products assurance for costumer satisfaction as the products result.   

ICS Implementation

Accompaniment Growth Mindset Program is a major program that we are focusing to our Farmers partners, especially our Coconut Sugar Farmer so they can be develop, going forward, and also being dynamic with the developing and climate changes in the future. The implementation of www.indococonutsugar.com‘s ICS to our farmers partners, oriented on implementing various products quality standard, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Cricital Control Points), Halal Certification, and also Control Union Certification (PCU Amsterdam) which focusing on quality products assurance to be released in Europe Market, or Internationally released.

The implementation of ICS as www.indococonutsugar.com quality standard, also supervised by many components, such as by the collaboration with Local Goverments (Special Region Yogyakarta (DIY) and also Central Java), to the Ministry Level, which  be done in the matter of increasing accompaniment quality control, in eco friendly production process, untill the products released to the international market.

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